Account Receivable

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) refers to the process of identifying, collecting, and managing the practice’s revenue from payers based on the services provided. A successful RCM process is essential for a healthcare practice to maintain financial viability and continue to provide quality care for its patients. This is the right time to engage with a partner who brings deep and clear understanding of the Revenue Cycle Management. We at Indus Medica manage your billing, coding and claim submissions, so you can focus on patient care.

It has been observed that revenues for most clinics are stuck in this stage where Insurance Follow up is not a priority. Thousands of dollars are waiting to be collected but follow up with long hold periods on the phone with Insurance companies is tedious and must be minimized with timely followups . Our Account Receivable’s are well versed in identifying patient accounts that require follow-up and take the necessary action to collect unpaid and partially paid claims.

Follow up with Insurance Companies

We ensure to promptly follow up on outstanding AR to get a status of the claim and work on any denials & rejections in a timely manner which also helps in reducing the Days-in-AR. We follow up on claims via multiple channels like Phone call, FAX, IVR & Websites.

AR Follow up Policy & Procedures

We develop a standard AR process for follow up on the claims and work on denials which would make sure every claim is worked. We monitor the AR aging queue to make sure the follow up is done on the correct date from the claim submission date. We also create Appeal templates for each denial type which would help AR to work on the denials faster.

Revenue Analytics

We would help you generate CPT level reports and audit the monthly, quarterly & yearly collections for each CPTs billed. This will help find the CPT payment trend and any underpayments on a claim

Dedicated Account Manager

In addition, our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager who understands the needs of their practice. Being given one-on-one service from the onset of our relationship helps our clients find peace of mind knowing that they are building a report with someone who will understand their billing needs intimately. Rest assured that you can go to your account representative at any time with your questions or concerns

Timely follow-up on unpaid claims

Implement a systematic process for following up on unpaid claims. Establish specific timelines for claim follow-up and consistently track and monitor outstanding claims. Contact insurance companies to inquire about claim status, identify reasons for non-payment, and resolve any issues promptly.

Accurate and efficient payment posting

Ensure accurate and efficient posting of payments received from insurance companies and patients. Develop standardized procedures for payment reconciliation, ensuring that payments are allocated correctly to individual patient accounts.