Patient Collections Services

Patient Collections Services

To ensure your patients remain happy, and your office meets its financial goals you need you need a medical collections company that cares about the patient experience and delivers superior performance. Your patient will receive a positive service from our trained Patient Financial Advocates who are experts in healthcare billing collections.

Implement a clear and transparent patient collections policy:

Develop a comprehensive policy that outlines the expectations, processes, and guidelines for patient collections. Ensure that the policy is easily accessible to patients and staff.

Communicate effectively with patients:

Clearly communicate billing information, payment options, and any outstanding balances to patients in a timely and courteous manner. Use various communication channels such as phone calls, emails, and letters to reach out to patients and explain their financial responsibilities.

Offer flexible payment plans:

Understand that patients may face financial constraints. Offer flexible payment options such as instalment plans, discounts for upfront payments, or financial assistance programs to help patients manage their medical bills. This will be Practice specific.

Utilize technology for streamlined collections processes:

Implement an electronic billing system that allows patients to view and pay their bills online such as patient portal.

Monitor and track outstanding balances:

Regularly monitor and track outstanding balances to identify delinquent accounts. Implement a system to prioritize collection efforts based on the age of the debt and the likelihood of recovery.